Nitrogen & Agriculture

Accessibility for educational games is a work in progress across the industry. We continually seek solutions to make our products fully accessible, and we strive to adhere to established standards for accessibility and usability on each new project. Some of our older products may not be accessible in all areas and have not been optimized for current accessibility recommendations. Here, we offer the content and approach of this game, so that learners are better able to find alternative content and ways of learning.

Content of the module

Nitrogen & Agriculture supports learning the basics of agricultural chemistry related to nitrogen. In three different modules students can practice creating different chemical compounds while learning about the different types of the molecule (e.g. amino acid versus carboxyl) and the molecular mass of the molecule.


The modules are text-and image-based. They do not include voiceover. The modules require some clicking and dragging, but don’t require point-and-click precision. In addition, timing is not important.


Input Devices Icon
Input devices
Requires mouse or trackpad, may be accessible for some special equipment replacing trackpad.
Audio Icon
Audio narration and sounds are not present.
Color Blindness Icon
Color blindness
Some key elements of the modules are identified by red and green colors.
Cognitive Aspects Icon
Cognitive Aspects
It does not include an option to map buttons to the keyboard, which may create difficulty for those who need longer to perform tasks with the mouse.
Interface Icon
This module was designed through HTML5 for web-based desktop use, which may cause viewing difficulties on compact tablets and/or mobile devices.
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These modules are only accessible in English.
Fine Motor Skills Icon
Fine Motor Skills
This learning interactive requires some clicking and dragging movements via mouse/trackpad.